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Window cleaning

Dirty windows of Oro-Medonte beware...North Pro Home & Cottage Services now offers window cleaning. North Pro Home & Cottage Services offers much more than just pressure washing for Oro-Medonte. We can help you see clearly out of your windows more than ever with our professional window cleaning service.

We offer highly-detailed window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to bring in more customers thanks to easy-to-view window displays from your business or if you want to watch the birds without squinting through a layer of grime while you drink your morning coffee...North Pro Home & Cottage Services has the solution you need.

Window Washer For Residential Properties

Keeping your home clean is an endless chore. Most of us struggle to keep the interior of our homes in great shape while trying to balance busy schedules. As a result, the exterior of the home is often neglected.

Let North Pro Home & Cottage Services take over a time-consuming chore with our window cleaning service. Dirt, grime, and hard water leave your windows difficult to see through. They can even etch themselves into your window panes, damaging them, and shortening their lifespan.

Our professional window cleaning crews will not only make your windows easy to see through, but they will look for potential damage to both the window and the window treatment. We can help prevent further damage thanks to our cleaning, or we can recommend when repairs are needed.

Window Washer For Commercial Properties

As a business owner, keeping your windows clean is a must if you want to attract more foot traffic. While your employees are great with customers--they aren't nearly as skilled as our professionally trained window cleaning crews. There's no reason to settle for mediocre window cleaning.

North Pro Home & Cottage Services uses professional-grade cleaning supplies that penetrate deep-set dust, dirt, and grime on your windows. Your customers will easily view your displays and feel welcome before they set foot inside your building. You'll also boost employee morale if they can look out the windows with a clear view.

Regardless if your business is a single story or multiple levels, our window cleaning team is up to the task. We will quickly and safely make your windows look like new. Plus, we will work around your office hours, so we're never in your way of doing business.

Start seeing the world outside clearly again with North Pro Home & Cottage Services's window cleaning service. Better yet, pair it with our roof cleaning service for a truly spectacular boost to your curb appeal. Call 705-816-3929 to schedule your service today.

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